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c3-circles-department-chairsBeing Department Chair does not have to be isolating. When you face tough challenges such as drops in funding, difficult meetings, conflict, balancing department needs with teaching and scholarship, the C3 Circle gives you peer support to help you with practical strategies, ideas and tools.

The C3 Circle is an executive coaching group for department chairs like you, who want support and coaching through your toughest challenges – and learn and practice coaching skills to use with faculty, colleagues and students.

Debbie Okerlund

Debbie Okerlund, Executive Coach & Trainer

My name is Debbie Okerlund. For the past five years, C3 CirclesTM for Department Chairs and Program Directors of local universities and colleges have provided a practical, efficient, supportive, confidential way to address challenges such as:

How does the C3 Circle help Department Chairs + Program Directors?

In the C3 Circle, Chairs and Directors share real situations with other Chairs and Directors. You receive feedback, ideas, insights, support and accountability from each other, facilitated by Executive Coach, Debbie Okerlund (learn more about me hereYou will learn coaching skills, best practices and gain new tools for your work.

When you face tough challenges that go with being a Chair, you know you need and can depend on the insights, support and expertise of other Chairs who understand. The chance to talk through options and strategies, and the support and energy you’ll feel after leaving your C3 Circle is invaluable!

From my fifteen years of teaching and facilitating peer coaching circles, I know that when you connect with other like-minded people in a supportive structured group, your sense of connection, confidence and calm grow. Almost any challenge is surmountable.

Comments from previous Department Leaders:

Department Leader C3 Circle Logistics

C3 Circles are designed to:

Registration Information: Contact Debbie Okerlund

612-597-4459 / debbie@leadwithagility.com

Is the C3 Coaching Circle for me? Previous participants have brought these challenges to their Circle…


When are the Department Leader C3 Circle meetings?

Circles starting in the fall meet nine times during the academic year.

Circles starting in January meet six times.

Frequently Asked Questions/Comments

I am not sure I have the time. You are busy and you wear many hats. Department Chairs in the coaching circles say that when they take time to process challenges, recharge and reflect, it actually makes more time.

What makes the Circles work? Participants say that what makes the process work so incredibly well are the values of trust, confidentiality and a shared commitment to colleagues in similar roles supporting each others’ goals of problem solving, reflection, learning and renewal.

What about confidentiality? C3 Circle group members and I fully commit to and honor the understanding that all discussions engaged in and information provided will be kept strictly confidential.

Why would I need a facilitated group – can’t I get the same thing with my close friends together? Most of us put off connection, reflection and leadership development; Because it’s not urgent, we don’t make the time. Chairs in my circles say that committing to a group of like-minded colleagues means they get the focused attention they need to get the best return on time and energy.

C3 Circles are structured to be highly focused on circle members:

1. Sharing & getting coached on real life challenges and goals
2. Learning & practicing coaching skills, giving feedback, asking powerful questions
3. Helping each other learn from your experiences
4. Giving and getting support for learning and reaching your goals

What if I am not available to attend all the Circle meetings? 100% attendance by each Circle member is recommended as a top factor for the success of the Circle. If unexpected situations arise, participants will notify the Facilitator (Debbie) and Circle members, with at least 24-hours’ notice if not able to attend.

What is the cost? Contact Lead With Agility for information on new C3 Circles starting in September 2021: 612-597-4459

What you will get from the C3 Circle:
Connection, Calm and Confidence and…


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