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Debbie Okerlund, Executive Coach

Hi! I created Lead With Agility for nonprofit leaders who are looking for practical strategies, tools, and support to navigate your unique challenges.

And in the process, decrease your stress and increase your joy.

Your Journey as Nonprofit Leader

If you are like most nonprofit leaders, you are serious about your job and passionate about the mission of your organization. So, if you are energized by the opportunity for practical, supportive and unique leadership development, I invite you to try one of the Lead With Agility programs. They are designed to help you gain clarity, perspective, strategies and expertise and get you into action with less stress and more joy.

My Journey with Nonprofit Coaching

When I took a position in the Twin Cities as a new Executive Director, I quickly realized that in order to help my organization fulfill its mission, I needed to learn to wear many hats. I filled various roles to continually adapt to the changing demographics, funding environments and staffing needs. Individual mentoring from other more seasoned Executive Directors, as well as the informative and practical help of a monthly Executive Director group was invaluable to me!

My journey with coaching and leadership started in the Appalachian mountains of Eastern Kentucky. As a new college graduate from UW Madison who grew up near Chicago, I was unfamiliar with the culture, geography and language of my new rural community. As I jumped into my new leadership role, I learned to listen to the feedback, insights and wisdom of the people in my “circle” while taking risks, making mistakes and trying new skills. The people with whom I worked, lived and played became my coaches and mentors. My experience of leadership development and active learning within this caring, competent, resilient community was transformational.

My 25 years’ experience and work as a leader, trainer, coach and facilitator, including 14 years as a nonprofit Executive Director, gives me a hefty “agility tool box” to share with leaders and teams.

I look forward to meeting and talking with you!

Warm regards,


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